Against all Odds

This powerful Short chronicles the extraordinary journey of professional boxer Frank Galarza, filmed in the tough streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn where his story begins. True to its title, "Against All Odds" showcases Galarza's incredible resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Orphaned at a young age due to his parents' battles with drugs, Galarza found himself drawn into a life of crime and frequent incarceration. The film explores how boxing became Galarza's lifeline, offering him a way out of the streets and towards a meaningful existence.

His raw honesty about his past struggles and his current dedication to helping at-risk youth through his "Youth Fighting Forward" program add emotional depth to this inspiring tale.

"Against All Odds" is a story of loss, perseverance, and ultimate triumph, proving that with determination and the right support, one can overcome even the most daunting circumstances.

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