Special Forces

"As a director entering the world of Special Forces, the experience of working with official operators as opposed to actors was like day and night. The body language, the precision, and the capabilities of these professionals were simply breathtaking.

Filming this project required a level of precision and attention to detail that matched the expertise of the Special Forces themselves. Our production had to be meticulous, and with our experienced team, we were able to capture the essence of their operations. Collaborating with my director of photography, the action director SlamArtist, and utilizing the warp camera, the production process was truly stunning.

Every movement by the Special Forces team was calculated and executed with precision, showcasing their tactical mastery and strategic brilliance. This collaboration allowed us to develop a film that not only documents their operations but also highlights the extraordinary skill and dedication of these operators.

The difference in working with official operators was profound. Their professionalism and the authenticity they brought to the project elevated the entire production. It was an honor to capture their expertise on film and to work alongside such a dedicated and capable team."

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